Creative Wanderlust Prompts: Add Creativity to Your Everyday

I’ve been wanting to provide inspiration through creative prompts for a long while now – for not only myself, but also the creative, wanderlust fueled community around me! I am always inspired by artsy prompts, writing prompts, 100 day projects, etc., but haven’t found a prompt list to satisfy my endless curiosity for exploring not only the world (hello, wanderlust!) but also varied creative mediums!

So, in my desire to try new things and strengthen our creative community, I thought it would be fun to publish a weekly Creative Wanderlust Prompt list. Each list will provide inspiration for people like you and me to explore a wanderlust topic through multiple creative methods- drawing, photography, painting, writing, collaging and actual adventure! This flexibility will not only allow for loads of different interpretations while using the same word, but fuel endless amounts of creativity to your life! 

Example of a weekly Creative Wanderlust Prompt List by Betsy Beier

By setting aside just 10-15 minutes a day being creative in many forms can have long lasting positive effects on not only your day but your life! Taking time to be in the moment making, writing or exploring not only provides reflective time and relaxation, but I guarantee will also provide even more inspiration to your everyday world whether you are at home or traveling the world!

How to Join the Creative Fun

Creative Wanderlust Prompts: Draw, Photograph, Paint, Write, Collage & Adventure Your Way to a Creative Life
by Betsy Beier, Wanderlust Designer

I will post my weekly list on Monday morning (on Instagram, Facebook, and here on my blog). Throughout the week, I will share my endeavors – You Tube videos, images, my writing, etc. to give you ideas or inspiration of your own. At the end of the week, I will also recap on my blog so you can see all of my interpretations in one place. Below are more tips on how to get started:

  • Spend just 10-15 minutes a day to make your prompt the goal is to add just a little creativity to your life everyday. Building an artistic habit does not need to take hours a day. By spending just a small amount of time, you will feel the benefits and see improvement quickly.
  • Keep your creations simpleThere’s no need to make this complicated. If you only have a pencil handy, then just scribble or doodle the prompt… only have crayons around instead of paint, perfect! The goal is the process. The 10-15 minute creative focus, not the outcome. (Yet, I promise, with practice comes improvement!)
  • Keep the process flexibleThere are no rules. Feel free to do all the prompts in a week, or just pick one or two that pique your interest. Again, it’s about adding creativity to your everyday. This process should never be a burden.
  • Email or DM meI am here to help you! Having trouble drawing something? Not quite sure what to write? Don’t know where to start in creating your collage? I would LOVE to help guide you on your journey, so please reach out! Don’t be shy!


Just starting now, and want to see past prompt lists? Below are a list of all the Creative Wanderlust Weekly Prompt lists with plenty of examples to get you inspired!

Creative Wanderlust Community

Creative/artistic prompts are much more fun to do with others! We can learn so much from each other’s endeavors as well as get inspired! Please share you explorations on social media. As always, I’d love to see your creations, so be sure to send me an email, or tag me (@wanderlustdesigner) if you post it!

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