Creative Wanderlust Prompt: Globe

Hello to all my creative friends, let’s make this year our most creative ever! Like I introduced in a previous blog post, I am excited to add creativity to your everyday by providing a weekly prompt list that allows you to explore a wanderlust topic through multiple creative methods- drawing, photography, painting, writing, collaging and actual adventure!

For this week the prompt is: Globe! This seemed like a natural choice to kick off our creative wanderlust habit! So, pull out your pencils, pens, paints, journal, old magazines and more and let’s get creative!

Examples from this Creative Wanderlust Prompt

Monday – Draw a real or imaginative globe.

Tuesday: Take a picture of a globe or something globe-like.

Wednesday: Paint a globe in an impressionistic style.

Thursday: Write about what a globe represents to you.

Spin the Globe short story on Medium

Friday: Collage a Globe

Saturday/Sunday: Spin a Globe and Learn About a New Place

to come…

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