Let Me Guide You to Lead a Creative Wanderlust Life

I’ve been thinking long and hard about my business goals for this year, and have decided to double down on why I started this work to begin with! While thumbing through multiple journals from my past, I kept seeing ideas I had put down when I first started Wanderlust Designer 9 years ago after transitioning from my thriving party/stationery business to illustration & travel. Many of my ideas have come to fruition that I couldn’t be more proud of (authoring and illustrating 4 books, with 1 more on the way; countless illustrations licensed with big named companies; teaching numerous classes online and in real life) yet many more are just waiting to come to life!

Let me be your Creative Wanderlust Guide! I promise to:

  • inspire you to be creative everyday – no matter how “creative” you feel you are!
  • guide you with tips on how to explore your world near and far (virtually & irl.)
  • create community, connections and share stories with fellow wanderlusters and those who want to add creativity to their life!

It’s time to focus on what I love to do: guide and inspire people to explore their world creatively! Think of me as your flight attendant or airline captain ready to navigate you on your creative journey – I’m here to teach you how to add art & wanderlust to your everyday through a wide range of mediums and prompts; from self-paced classes to YouTube videos/social media posts; live Zoom sessions to in person events. 

So, fasten your seat belt, sit back and enjoy the flight – it’s time to take off.
Wheel’s up to 2022!

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