Creative Art Lesson: Use Only ONE Color

Let’s Draw Summer Icons in Yellow

When choosing to do an art project, we sometimes can get overwhelmed or feel the necessity to use all the “crayons” in the box- or all the colors we can, since, well, they are there! For this creative exercise, I actually challenge you to do the opposite, and only use ONE color when doing a drawing.

Given I decided to draw icons or doodles of summer, I chose the color yellow. I have to admit, it was very hard to not want to go in to the drawing an embellish with more colors. Also, it was hard for me to not want to draw my swimming pool in blue (not yellow) as that is the color it typically is. All these are natural feelings, and what makes this creative exercise of only using ONE color more powerful. It challenges us to think outside the box. Let go of preconceived notions, or how we actually may see the item and instead use our creativity or imagination and come up with new possibilities.

Drawing Summer Doodles with only a Yellow Marker

Be sure to watch my video and follow along at your own pace by pausing along the way!

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