Creative Wanderlust Prompt: New Orleans

Creative Wanderlust Prompt List: New Orleans by Betsy Beier

New Orleans or NOLA as many like to call it, is a city full of vibrancy, energy, color and personality! It’s hard to find a city that embodies so must creative spirit, diversity and fascinating cultural aspects; music, food, religion, history, architecture, nature, traditions and so much more. Each one tells an inspirational story that can prompt endless amounts of creativity. 

Beignets in New Orleans, illustration by Betsy Beier

Like most of the cities across the United States, NOLA is a true melting pot of people and traditions dating back to before the nation was even formed. Its proximity to the Caribbean as well as its French roots gives it an individual flavor unlike any other location in America. This is what makes New Orleans stand out as one of the top cities one must visit. Its story is unlike anywhere else, memorable and bursting at the seams with creativity. New Orleans truly has it all. 

So put on some Cajun tunes, or Preservation Hall jazz and lets head to the Big Easy this week for our creative wanderlust prompts. Laissez les bon temps rouler (let the good times roll)!!! 

Daily Creative Wanderlust Prompts: New Orleans

Monday – Doodle the gorgeous ironwork seen in New Orleans.

Tuesday –Photograph using candle light: Create a voodoo inspired shrine and experiment with photography by candle light.

Wednesday – Paint a typical, colorful shotgun-style New Orleans house.

Thursday – Use this prompt to write a short story: “We sat down at the busy cafe, the smell of chicory coffee and powdered sugar dusted beignets wafted in the air. A young gentleman approached our table and inquired…”  

Friday – Collage a crawfish boil.

Saturday/SundayAdventure – Make some jambalaya, put on some cajun music and have a festive evening

Examples of Some Creative Wanderlust Prompts: New Orleans

Here are some examples created with the prompts above.

Learn How to Draw the Morris Israel Home in the Garden District of New Orleans, Louisiana
Collage of a Crawfish Boil by Betsy Beier

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