Creative Wanderlust Prompt List: Suitcase

Pack your bags! This week we are going to creatively explore the word suitcase!

Creative Wanderlust Prompts: Suitcase by Betsy Beier, Wanderlust Designer

A suitcase can mean so many things beyond just the obvious! Just watch a family’s dog when the suitcases come out of the closet and start to get packed! (The dogs in my life have all not enjoyed the site of suitcases! 😂)

For me, a suitcase obviously means travel!! Whether an overnight or an international trip. Just think other things suitcases mean- what type of “suitcase” would one use for a trek in the Himalayas vs. a suitcase packed for a long weekend in NYC?

And the other interesting thing- have you ever thought of the things you suitcase sees that you don’t? Behind the scenes at the airport; the long trip in the plane luggage compartment (can you imagine the conversations if those bags could talk?); or what about when you are off exploring a location, and your suitcase is left alone in the hotel room? All great writing prompts for Thursday!

So, let’s dive into all things creative inspired by the word suitcase. And, please, share what you make! I can’t wait to see!

Daily Creative Wanderlust Prompts: Suitcase

Follow along with the prompts below and be inspired by suitcases:

MondayDraw a vintage suitcase or old steamer trunk covered with imaginative travel stickers.

Tuesday – Find or take a photo of you with your suitcase.

WednesdayPaint a suitcase filled with items you’d pack to your favorite destination.

ThursdayWrite a story from the perspective of a suitcase.

FridayCollage a stack of suitcases.

Saturday/Sunday: Adventure – Pack a suitcase and go somewhere, even if it’s just to another room in your house! What’s in your suitcase?

Examples from the Creative Wanderlust Prompt: Suitcase

Drawing and Painting a Vintage Suitcase and Trunk

This week I chose to draw and paint digitally! I love varying the medium I use, and digitally drawing and painting are as fun to me as watercolor and pen! Here are my process videos to watch me creating a vintage suitcase and vintage trunk filled with travel stickers.

Learn How to Draw a Vintage Trunk by Betsy Beier, Wanderlust Designer
Learn How to Draw a Vintage Suitcase by Betsy Beier, Wanderlust Designer

Writing Prompt

This fictional tale was so fun to write! I loved thinking about life from the perspective of a suitcase! Click here to read more: Look at Travel from a Different Perspective – A behind the scenes fictional tale from a trusty travel companion!

Suitcase Photograph

I decided to dig back in time to a trip I took 8 1/2 years ago with my family. We hauled our suitcases across Europe together for a month through a brutal heat wave that followed us along the way. It was worth it!

Photo Prompt: Suitcase by Betsy Beier, Wanderlust Designer

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