Creative Wanderlust Prompt: Mardi Gras

Creative Wanderlust Weekly Prompt List: Mardi Gras

I can only imagine the buzz that is happening in Rio de Janiero, Brazil;, New Orleans, Louisiana; and Venice, Italy right now! It is Mardi Gras time (otherwise known as Carnevale in Venice and Carnaval do Brasil in Rio.) These cities are living it up before the religious season of Lent begins.

Laissez les Bon Temps Rouler by Betsy Beier

Lent is a 40 day period that comes before Easter in the Christian calendar. It begins on Ash Wednesday, and ends with the Easter celebration. It is a season to reflect on the passion and sacrifices made by Jesus with fasting and penitence. Thus, the week before Lent begins cities around the world celebrate with one long party!! The festivities culminate on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday with Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday), lavish parties at the Carnevale in Venice and a huge parade and party at Carnaval in Brazil.

Let’s celebrate these festivities around the globe with some creative prompts!

Daily Creative Wanderlust Prompts: Mardi Gras

Monday – Draw and decorate a mask for Mardi Gras. (Learn how to draw a mask with this following tutorial.)

Tuesday – Take a selfie wearing a mask (carnival mask that is!) (Here are some ideas: Mask Photo 1, Mask Photo 2, Mask Photo 3, Mask Photo 4, Mask Photo 5, Mask Photo 6)

Wednesday – Capture the energy of Carnevale in Brazil with an abstract burst of color. (Some photos for inspiration: Photo 1, Photo2, Photo 3. Hint: Squint your eyes, and just see colors and shapes)

Thursday – Setting: Write a descriptive paragraph of a palazzo in Venice Italy hosting a Masked Ball. 

Friday – Collage an opulent masked ball.

Saturday/SundayAdventure – Wear beads, eat King Cake, and watch Mardi Gras videos from around the world online!

(Note: all links above are to be used as inspiration only. Notice colors, shapes, aesthetic and elements to then create your own, unique art.)

Examples of Some Creative Wanderlust Prompts: Mardi Gras

Here are some examples created with the prompts above.

Art Lesson in Less than 5 Minutes: Learn to Paint and Draw Decorative Masks
Masquerade Ball Aesthetic Collage

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