Creative Community: Art Bias Open Studios

Art Bias Sunday Open Studios – San Carlos, CA

I’m super excited to announce I have recently joined the Board of Directors at a local arts organization called Art Bias. This non-profit organization is true to my heart. Their mission is to not only provide affordable studio space for artists (in the San Francisco Bay Area this is HUGE), yet also their goals is to promote community by providing resources and opportunities for artists to grow and thrive!

The Art Bias mission is to be a community where artists have access to the resources and opportunities they need to thrive. We provide affordable artist studios, professional development events and resources, exhibition opportunities, and a thriving community of artists interested in each others’ success.

Art Bias

One of the regular events they host is an Open Studio day, the first Sunday of the month. Artists open their studios to the public to share their art. The event is free to the public and we encourage all to come by!

We also host a community art projects for all to participate in when visiting. Creating communal art is one of my favorite creative exercises. It allows us to not only express ourselves, yet also learn, grow, be inspired and build off each other. The final product is never the same – it truly is a work of art!

The event also features many other local creatives, young and old, musicians, chefs, local businesses and more! It’s truly a community event.

Please look us up online at and if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, mark your calendars of all our upcoming events.

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