Creative Wanderlust Prompt: Midtown Manhattan

Creative Wanderlust Art Prompts – Midtown Manhattan by Betsy Beier

Midtown Manhattan. It’s definitely one of my favorite places in all of New York City, and the area I frequently stay when I visit. When I lived in New York City many moons ago, I rarely went to midtown. I was a student (in graduate school) and midtown catered to the working world. I did go to Grand Central Station frequently as I’d take the train out to Connecticut to visit my sister, but in general, I roamed all the other neighborhoods for my NYC energy, not midtown.

Skyscrapers and Sites of Midtown Manhattan – photos by Betsy Beier, Wanderlust Designer

Fast forward to today, and I can’t get enough of midtown Manhattan. It fuels me with energy. I’m convinced it’s because of the skyscrapers. They define New York City. They were some of them the first of their kinds when built, and their sleek, modern art deco styling I find is timeless. They also have this magic to them. Each building houses so many stories – from the builders to the inhabitants throughout the years. I can’t even imagine the number of novels that could be written of stories that happened in just one building!

So, in celebration of skyscrapers and some of the best sites in New York City, we are heading to midtown Manhattan this week to get creative. Join me and please share what you create!

Daily Creative Wanderlust Prompts: Midtown Manhattan

Monday – Draw simple skyscrapers out of rectangular shapes.

Tuesday – Take a timelapse video at Grand Central Station during rush hour.

Wednesday – Create an abstract painting of the lights and colors of Times Square.

Thursday –  Look at a skyscraper, pic any window, and write a short scenario of the scene inside.

Friday – Create a collage of the energy of midtown Manhattan.

Saturday/SundayAdventure – Find a street corner in midtown (or webcam) and observe for 15 minutes. Write down all the stories you see!

(Note: all links above are to be used as inspiration only. Notice colors, shapes, aesthetic and elements to then create your own, unique art.)

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