Portland Art Party: Design a Portland Food Truck

Portland Art Party: Design Your Own Food Truck by Betsy Beier

For my new Wanderlust Portland – A Creative Guide to the City book launch I had the best time getting together online with many of you for an art lesson/art party and coming up with an imaginative food cart celebrating Portland’s food truck scene! My favorite part was working together to brainstorm a food truck theme, and then designing it as we went along!

For those who could not make it, we decided to go with a Japanese/French themed food truck that specialized in Japanese teas and French patisseries! We named it Pa-TEA-sserie, and decorated it with sakura flowers, fleur de lis, tea cups and of course treats. I just love the outcome.

Thank you to all how came to celebrate the occasion – and make art together – your support means EVERYTHING to me!🥰

If you were to start a food truck, what would your theme be?🌮🥗🍡

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