Wanderlust Portland: A Creative Guide to the City

Discover Portland, Oregon with this colorfully illustrated tour guide and travel journal all in one!

The Wanderlust Guide series offers a unique way of really getting to know a city, with all its quirks and charms. Inside Wanderlust Portland you’ll find historical tidbits, fun trivia, fill-in lists, and creative prompts, including drawing, writing, photography, a scavenger hunt, and more imaginative ideas. With this guide, you can:

  • Shop at the Portland Saturday Market and search for unique items.
  • Relax at Pioneer Courthouse Square and record interesting conversations.
  • Explore the Brewery Blocks for inspiration to make your own special brew.
  • Sample from hundreds of food carts and design a food truck menu.
  • View paintings and murals around Alberta Arts District and create a gallery of artwork.
  • Embrace the outdoors at the parks of Portland and take a nature walk
  • And much more.

Ready for a creative adventure? Grab a pen and some color pencils, bring your phone and let’s go!

Wanderlust Guides are published by West Margin Press. Wanderlust Portland is available now for order at all major online retailers.

Wanderlust Portland Book Highlights

Neighborhood Insights & History

Wanderlust Portland takes you to 12 different neighborhoods and offers historical details and fun facts that give insight into the vibe of each neighborhood today. Each chapter highlights landmarks and unique sights to see the area through a creative lens.

Creative Activities

Wanderlust Portland is chock full of creative prompts that give you an insight into the creative entrepreneurial spirit and community that makes Portland truly unique and weird! These activities will allow you to experience Portland in a creative way unlike any other travel book offer!

Travel Journal

Beyond the detailed neighborhood information and imaginative activities, Wanderlust Portland offers loads of space for you to journal and sketch unique memories from your stay in the City of Roses.