Learn How to Start a Creative Journal

Creative Journaling Has Been Part of My Life for Over 35 Years

I’ve been keeping some type of journal for well over 35 years. My journals come in all shapes and sizes and can contain all sorts of expressions – drawing, paintings, collages, lists/notes, stories, travel diary, photos and so much more. Given this wide range of ideas that I put in my journal, I think the best name for them are creative journals!

I find so many benefits from keeping a creative journal. They are all a slice in time in my life, whether it’s rambling notes from a road trip or sketches from my day at home, each page floods my mind with memories of times spent writing or drawing or takes me to the actual scene of the story I am telling. I have found so many other benefits to this creative practice in my life, from slowing down to experiencing things deeper, I just want to shout it from the roof tops and have everyone start a creative journal too!

Learn How to Start a Creative Journal: Free Art Class with Betsy Beier

To celebrate this rewarding creative habit, I created a free online class called Learn How to Start a Creative Journal. It is a self-paced class that will get you inspired by your everyday, whether at home or traveling and learn many of the tips and tricks I use to keeping creativity in my daily life with my journal. I share some basic tips, art tools and methods and then we dive in and fill the first blank spread in our journal with a colorful watercolor illustration celebrating our creative journey!

So join in the fun. I can’t wait to see your creative journal practice grow!

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