The Psychology of Yellow

The Psychology of the Color Yellow by Betsy Beier

Yellow just makes me happy! I love spotting it on my walks (a front door? a yellow center of a daisy) as well as wearing it – in a sweater, scarf, t-shirt!

We only moved once during my childhood, and my parents selected the yellow bedroom to be mine before I had seen it. The room had yellow checked wallpaper. It was so cheery! Perhaps that is where my love for yellow started!

The Psychology of Yellow

It’s no surprise to find the psychological reactions that yellow can people. Here are just a few feelings and thoughts people have when they see yellow:

  • optimism
  • happiness
  • hope
  • positive thinking
  • friendship
  • good cheer
  • lightheartedness
  • intellect
  • enthusiasm
  • cheerfulness
  • improved analytic thinking

How does yellow make you feel?

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