How to Make a Mini-Journal or Sketchbook

I’m a huge fan of mini things– especially sketchbooks and journals. The big blank page staring in front of you becomes much less intimidating when it is smaller! Below is one of the most simple methods to creating your own mini-journal or sketchbook. The creative uses of these mini-wonders are endless, they can be used for art or journaling or if you are a budding story teller, you can even write your own book!

Below is a printable worksheet you can use to create your own mini-journal or sketchbook.

Everyday Creative Adventures at Home: How to Create a Mini-Journal or Sketchbook by Betsy Beier

Here is a process video to show the details!

Below are just a few samples of mini-journal/sketchbooks I have created.

A Variety of Mini-Journal/Sketchbooks by Betsy Beier
An interior spread from my “Dog Training” mini-sketchbook/journal by Betsy Beier

Be sure to read the “More Creative Prompts” on the printable worksheet to learn of ways to vary this exercise. And, as always, I’d love to see what you create! Feel free to tag me on @wanderlustdesigner on Instagram or Facebook or email me: with your creations!

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