At Home Creative Adventures: Take Out Sushi Collage

Celebrate your favorite take out food with this creative collage exercise!

Everyday Creative Adventures at Home: Take Out Sushi Collage by Betsy Beier

This may look a lot more complicated than it actually is, but don’t panic, it’s actually quite simple! First find a take out menu (or print one out from online if you don’t have any) and lay it out on a table. Use a variety of watercolors and place color blocks around the menu. Once dry begin to cut the shapes. For instance, for the nigiri, I first cut a “white” oblong shape, then cut a colored shape (salmon, or tuna perhaps?) Lastly I placed a green “seaweed” wrapper on top. Glue the shapes down on a piece of paper and your take out meal is ready!

Everyday Adventures at Home: Take Out Sushi Collage Process Video by Betsy Beier
The Transformation of a Take Out Menu to Sushi!

Be sure to read the “More Creative Prompts” on the printable exercise to learn of ways to vary this exercise. And, as always, I’d love to see what you create! Feel free to tag me on @wanderlustdesigner on Instagram or Facebook or email me: with your creations!

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