Digital Travel Journal: A Trip to the Coast

I feel so lucky to live so close to the coast yet don’t seem to get there nearly enough. In only 10 minutes, I can be on a rural road heading over the hills that separate the SF Bay Area with the Pacific Ocean.

Digital Travel Journal Page: A Trip to the Coast by Betsy Beier

The 2 lane highway starts along serene Crystal Springs Reservoir, the water source for San Francisco and much of the Bay Area. It’s only a short way up the winding road through a magical cypress grove until you hit the summit at Skyline Boulevard. A large cemetery is at the top, where one can see heavenly views to the ocean on a clear day!

Heading down to the water, you pass some very quaint scenes– Christmas tree farms, several nurseries, pumpkin patches and farm/play land just for kids. There is also a winery, several farms and many metal dinosaurs which seem quite out of place, but also fit right in!

Every time I head to Half Moon Bay I feel a million miles away from the busy Bay Area and Silicon Valley. Whether I’m there for just an hour, a full day, or a weekend, it’s the perfect get away to get reenergized and remind myself how lucky I am to live so close to the coast.

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