Creative Inspiration: Forget the Fish – Sketch the Signs at Pike Place Market in Seattle

There is a reason Pike Place Market is one of the top destinations when visiting Seattle. From discovering the food delicacies and handmade goods to listening to buskers and people watching, a local market is the best place to capture the feel of a locale.

Pike Place Market has all that Seattle and the Pacific Northwest is known for – fresh fish (flying overhead!), ripe Rainier cherries, blooming flowers, and even Rachel the Pig. You can spend the better part of a morning just soaking it all in. But one aspect of the market that is frequently overlooked is all the incredible signage.

Capture the Signs of Pike Place Market

There’s the famous Pike Place Market entry sign, and several dozen neon signs throughout the market. And for those who love lettering, there’s several examples of classic painted signs So instead of just looking at the wide variety of fish, look up and capture the signs! Just grab your phone camera or journal and sketch the scene to remember a unique aspect of this popular tourist sight.

Below are my sketches of signs I saw at Pike Place Market:

Signs from Pike Place Market by Betsy Beier

For those who like to take photos instead, here’s a photo montage I made from signs I spied at the market.

Photo Montage of Signs at the Pike Place Market, Seattle by Betsy Beier

So after you’ve visited Pike Place Market be sure to post your creative adventure on Instagram or social media and tag me (@wanderlustdesigner) so I can see!

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