15 Minute Art Lesson: Paint a Ski Mountain

Learn How to Paint a Ski Mountain by Betsy Beier

It’s hard to find time to create art. I get it! Even though this is my profession, I can find it challenging too, yet devoting just 10 or 15 minutes can make me feel so good! I’ll be releasing a bunch of new short art lesson videos on You Tube over the next coming months with this heuristic in mind – quick, fun, easy 10-20 minute art lessons you can do and feel great about the outcome. First up, painting a ski mountain!

Learn How to Paint a Ski Mountain

Painting snow in watercolor can be quite challenging, as snow is inherently white, and although white does appear in many watercolor palettes, I recommend using it very sparingly. The white in the palette offers an alternative way to lighten up some of your vibrant shades into pastels (the other way is to just use a lot of water), but to truly get a “white” in watercolor, I recommend focusing on using the paper color itself (white paper) and working with the negative space.

Negative space, you ask? Sounds complicated. It’s not. In simple terms, to create snow in watercolor, one just does NOT paint in the area they want to be snow. You leave it blank, so the white color of the paper becomes the snow. To add definition and have it read as “snow” we add shadows. Still sound complicated? No worries, just follow along with my 15 minute art lesson below, and let’s learn how to paint a ski mountain scene. This will give you all you everything you need to know about painting (or not painting) snow!

Art Lesson – Learn to Watercolor a Ski Mountain Landscape Scene with Betsy Beier

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