15 Minute Art Lesson: Learn How to Draw a Historic New Orleans Home

Learn How to Draw the Morris-Israel Home in the Garden District of New Orleans, Louisiana

Follow along with this ~15 minute lesson and learn how to draw a New Orleans Garden District house, the Morris-Israel Home. We will virtually travel to NOLA where I will tell you a little about the house. Then, I will teach you a doodle approach to drawing the iron work sometimes called “iron lace” to give the impression of intricacy yet with a loose impressionistic approach.

Following this lesson will not only show you how to draw this specific New Orleans home, but also teach your techniques to be able to draw houses and building around the world with similar ornate ironwork detailing.

Be sure to share this video and other 15 minute art lessons with your friends and family. Also, I’d love to see your rendition. Email or DM me on social media so I can see!

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