Learn How to Draw a Pot of Shamrocks – 20 Minute Free Art Lesson

Learn How to Draw and Paint a Pot of Shamrocks by Betsy Beier

I love shamrocks! They remind me of not only spring time, but also my mom! Every March, she would bring home a pot of shamrocks for my siblings and I to put in our room. They are a simple yet fabulous house plant to have (for all ages), as they are extremely easy to maintain. They grow and flower very quickly which can be very satisfying for those without a green thumb. Hunting for a four leaf clover in the bunch was always fun too- as I am confident it definitely brought me good luck!

A Pot of Shamrocks

To celebrate spring, follow along with my step by step, 20 minute art lesson as we draw and watercolor a playful pot of shamrocks and create the perfect card for someone in your life. We will also add details to the inside of the card and a sentiment you can customize the way you’d like. This card is perfect to send to someone at St. Patrick’s Day or any time of year you just want to let them know you are lucky to have them in your life!

This art lesson is for people of all art abilities, so grab a pen and let’s create!

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