Need a Creative Boost? Add Recess to Your Daily Schedule

I was just pontificated in a recent newsletter about wanting to slow down and not be “busy” all the time. Then, as life would have it, a crazy-busy week ensued. Ha! The irony.

Life is a work in progress. Lately I see creative “shiny objects” everywhere that veer me off course yet give me so much energy in the process! Each day I am reminded my to do list will not get done and I’m getting better at being OK with that. But the big epiphany for me was although being busy for busyness sake is not good, I thrive when I jump from project to project, try out new techniques and learn something new. Adding play to my every day is key.

I’m beginning to see these small acts of creation or side-line activities like recess. Its proven kids in school need recess. They need the break from their studies to unwind and reenergize. Why on earth does recess go away? Can you imagine what our work life would be like if we had recess built into our schedule?! Which of you would run to the playground and jump on the bars or grab a ball and play kickback? Who would head to the art room and create with friends, or grab a book and read a quick chapter on the comfy pillows in the reading nook? Just 15 minutes, but what a world of difference it could provide.

I’m convinced my husband (and kids) think I’m nuts. I head to my studio and come out anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours later, bouncing off the walls with excitement over a little drawing I made or a story I wrote. These small acts of creation really do fuel me, and yes, they keep me “busy!” 

Given this new finding, I’ve now added recess into my daily schedule. Perhaps some days I will have to stay in class and can’t go out for recess (turning in homework on time is key), but for the most part you will probably find me metaphorically swinging from those monkey bars doing cherry drops creating something random!

What would you do during recess if you scheduled it into your day? Send me an email and let me know!

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