Let’s Build a Creative Community

Let’s Build a Creative Wanderlust Community Together – photos by Betsy Beier

As many of you know, I’m passionate about building community. Whether in person or online, I couldn’t have made it through this last few years without community! The word community can be a loaded word and mean many things depending on context. For me, community is about people coming together and sharing experiences – and in particular in my case, creative experiences whether that be making art (drawing, painting, collaging) or through words and exploration (storytelling, learning new skills, trying new things and travel, of course!)

Creativity is a very large umbrella in my mind and definitely doesn’t have to involve actually making art. I find, though, being with others who want to push their boundaries, are curious, and want to learn more absolutely energizing. This is the community I want to build with YOU!

How do I hope to build this creative community?

I have several plans up my sleeve to build community yet I need people like you! I’ve been polling students of my classes, people on social media and more and know that one method does not work for all, so I am launching several ways for you to become involved in our Creative Wanderlust Community.

Creative Wanderlust Community on Instagram

I have just started a new account on Instagram (@creativewanderlustcommunity) and would love for you to follow me. I plan to post loads of creative prompts, stories and videos throughout the week, but also want to feature you, your art, and your ideas! It’s not a community without YOU! So, head over to instagram and let’s get creative together .(Be sure to follow me and like the posts so the information stays in your feed!).

Creative Wanderlust Community Open Houses (in person and online)

I have hosted a few CWC Open House events (one in person and one online) and plan to continue this event. These are held the first Thursday evening of the month. The goal is to gather and chat with others and make art (if you want). I will always provide a creative topic of some type and you can decide if you want to participate or not. The most important part of these events, whether in person or online is to be together and inspire each other with ideas, stories and more!

Creative Wanderlust Community Online Group

Last but not least, I’m in the process of building an online community group page. This will house all our creative curiositites – art prompts/projects/lessons, books, history, recipes, travels and so much more! I have decided to build this community off of Facebook (not a Facebook group) to have ultimate control, such that if Facebook (or Meta) changes their mind, alters their algorithms or discontinues features we will not be affected! The group is being built on the platform where I host my online classes, so if you have already taken a class, this will be an easy addition! I’ll be sharing more about this when I launch the group in May. Stay tuned!!

Creativity in the Community

Lastly, I have also joined a local art organization in hopes to promote creativity in my local community as well, and meet others in the process! I am amazed at all my online friends (around the world), and am also excited to meet people close to me in the San Francisco Bay Area.

If the pandemic has taught me anything, it’s I need people, I need community, I need you! The energy, positivity and creativity I gain by having all of you in my life is priceless (I sound like a commercial. Ha!)

Thank you and I can’t wait to see you online and in person and hear of your creative adventures!

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