5 Creative Ways to Celebrate the New Season – Spring Time is Here!

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in our day to day or week to week activities that we often miss the most incredible natural occurrences happening right in front of our eyes – the transformation between seasons. On my daily walks, I do see blossoms beginning to bud on trees in spring, or colorful leaves on the ground in fall, but by the time I’m back home, inside and/or in front of my computer again, the fleeting moment is gone. It’s such a shame as I find there is so much creative energy a new season can provide.

To become a little more mindful of the changing of the season and capture this creativity, here are 5 ways to slow down and celebrate the new season upon us – spring.

Change the Color Palette in Your Space to Match the Season & Your Mood (illustration by Betsy Beier)

Fill Your Space with a Spring Color Palette

Take a look around your living space and do a seasonal refresh of colors. Change the darker or cooler winter colors for something lighter. If you are not into pastels, go with a bright sunny yellow or a verdant/acid green tone. This doesn’t have to be a big endeavor. Just change a few little things – a throw pillow cover (or throw blanket as it still can be cold), your sheets, your table placemats, a tea towel. Sometimes just these few items can make a huge difference. Need some spring color palette inspiration? Head to the internet for a few minutes, and soak it in!

Create a Signature Drink for the New Season (illustration by Betsy Beier)

Create a Signature Drink for Spring

I will never get rid of my coffee habit, but do love the idea of mixing things up a little when it comes to my drink habits per season. Starbucks has mastered the art of this seasonal switch with their holiday line and summer flavors, but a seasonal drink doesn’t have to be just coffee (or tea.) My little lemon tree in my yard is bursting with fruit this time of year – so making a little lemonade, or just adding a lemon slice or two to my bubbly water can be so refreshing. For me, spring offers the opportunity for a clean, invigorating taste. Other drinks I enjoy this time of year have fresh herbal flavors (mint, lemongrass, ginger) as well as a little tang you can get from apple cider vinegar or kombucha. What flavors could you add to your water or daily drink habit to celebrate spring?

Artichokes are in Season in Spring (illustration by Betsy Beier)

Seek Out Foods that are In Season

In the US we are lucky to have a huge selection fruits and vegetables in our stores year round – no matter if they are in season or not. I won’t lie, I am a bit spoiled with this, and love that I can have berries year round, but also find breaking the habit of always eating the same fruit or vegetable can add new life to my meals. I can’t tell you how many new vegetables I’ve added to my cooking once I started seeking out vegetables that are in season. For instance, I never knew there were so many different types of squashes! So head to your grocery store, and instead of looking for your old favorites, ask the green grocer what’s in season, and put it in your cart. One of my favorites in spring is artichokes!

Discover Cultural Tradition of the Season That You Did Not Know About (illustration by Betsy Beier)

Discover a Cultural Tradition Celebrated in the Season that you Did Not Know About

I love learning about different cultural celebrations and traditions. There are so many around the world that have such beautiful meaning and rich history. I have also found many have relevancy to my own life or the way I feel. Learning about cultural celebrations always reminds me how similar we are to each other around the world than different. Head to the internet and search for a cultural celebration happening this month. Research the meaning, the traditions, the foods, the rituals. See if there is any areas near by that celebrate the tradition or perhaps some online. The creative energy from experiencing this new event can open up a world of possibilities.

Swap Your Wardrobe to Celebrate the Season (illustration by Betsy Beier)

Swap Your Wardrobe to Celebrate the Season

I have two contrasting mantras for my closet. One is I can only have items in my closet that I fit into (no holding on to items too small or too large) and the other is I have all my clothes regardless of season in the closet at once (none stored.) These two heuristics have been very helpful in keeping my wardrobe in check (no over buying), but I have found they don’t address the seasons that well.

I’m thinking of keeping these goals, but carving out a little space that holds a seasonal capsule wardrobe, a small set of clothes that mix and match well together and are perfect for the season. I may break it down to just a month at a time, since the weather can change drastically in Spring but I think having this switch will allow me to appreciate the pieces I do have, as well as give the feeling of a new wardrobe, even though I’m just “shopping” from all the same items. Making these capsule wardrobes can also be a creative endeavor of its own by helping me slow down, recognize the seasonal changes and celebrate with the clothes I wear every day!

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