Whatever Medium You Choose – It’s All Creative

This week while I was starting one of my art prompts, I realized I really wanted to draw digitally. I had a moment of hesitation, as for the most part, when doing my daily prompts I like using what most refer to as “traditional” mediums. I love my black pen, and crave the looseness I get with my watercolors. So I paused for a moment in a conundrum. When I wrote my weekly Creative Wanderlust Prompt list and put the words, “Paint,” “Draw” and “Write” did I inherently mean specifically paint with watercolor or draw with a pen? Absolutely not! 

This musing instantly reminded me that I’m the one who emphatically believes what ever creative medium you choose, is just that, another medium! Whether you choose to paint with a feather, draw with your finger in the sand, or write a prompt with pieces of your breakfast cereal – the medium is just another creative choice in how you want to express yourself at the time… and all are valid!

Within a matter of moments, my iPad was out and I was in the flow, dreaming up vintage suitcases and all the places they had been. Digitally, I was still using my hand to create pen strokes, choose colors and make marks. Digital drawing shares many characteristics as traditional drawing, but also loads of differences as well. It’s like drawing with a crayon or drawing with a black pen. Both similar, but also very different – as they are different mediums.

So if you are following along with these Creative Wanderlust Prompts or embarking on adding creativity to your everyday and decide one day to paint with water from a hose on a sidewalk, or draw with lipstick on your mirror, I say, “Go for it!” and be sure to send me a pic as I can only imagine how creative it will be!

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