Creative Travel: Capturing the Look of a Neighborhood – A Walk Down Grand Ave, South San Francisco (incl Free Printable Coloring Page)

Trying to capture a neighborhood or location with a few simple drawings can sometimes feel like a daunting task! Take any given neighborhood, from residential to downtown and it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the many things to see; different building styles, different colors, different types of nature, etc.

In a recent online class I hosted with South San Francisco Library, I boiled down this problem and created a simple recipe to help you capture your own neighborhood!

Recipe to Capture Your Neighborhood by Betsy Beier

Recipe to Capture a Neighborhood = Common Elements + Nature + Unique Elements + Oddities

Using this recipe, I headed to downtown South San Francisco’s Grand Avenue to see what I could come up with. It didn’t take long to start seeing common elements, such as the ornate lamp posts, and street signs. Of course, a few buildings stood out as unique (i.e., City Hall, Grand Avenue Library) and there were a smattering of oddities like the bonsai trimmed shrub and South City bike racks.

Observations Along Grand Avenue, South San Francisco by Betsy Beier

It was also easy to start seeing a base color palette as well. Finding a simple palette of just capture 3-5 core colors, is a great way to capture the neighborhood essence, and make a memorable illustration.

Below is my illustration of how I experienced Grand Avenue in South San Francisco!

A Walk Down Grand Avenue, South San Francisco by Betsy Beier

Now it’s your turn! Take a walk in your neighborhood and follow the recipe above to create your own neighborhood illustration. Be sure to share your drawing with me (@wanderlustdesigner on Instagram or email so I can see! I’d love to see where you live!

Below is a free printable coloring page of Grand Avenue, South San Francisco!

Free Printable Coloring Page of Grand Avenue, South San Francisco

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