Creative Wanderlust Community: Open House #1 – Decorate a Holiday Village

I am still reveling in the first Creative Wanderlust Community Open House held the other week, and excited to share the holiday village we decorated! It was a wonderful turnout of old friends and new. I pulled out all my art supplies from watercolor pencils to brush pens; glitter glue to crayons and gave everyone the option of decorating a pre-made building/home or drawing their own.

I couldn’t of been more impressed how everyone dove in and got busy creating! The colorful village came to life before our eyes. I couldn’t help but think of that proverb, “it takes a village…” Although that specific sentiment is about raising children, it also reminds me how sharing time and experiences with your community has such a positive effect. I was touched by one friend’s thank you note she sent me where she celebrated the opportunity of art for art’s sake!

Decorate the Town Digital Download Available on Wanderlust Designer’s Etsy Shop

Are you looking for a fun activity for friends and family this holiday? I have made the printable village we used available as a digital download in my online shop. Just print it out, set out some crayons or colored pencils and watch your village grow! It’s a great project year round  – decorate the town for Valentines, Spring, Independence Day, Halloween, or any number of other holidays and themes you can think of.

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