How to Add Creativity to Your Life Everyday

Do you know of the numerous health and happiness benefits adding creativity to your life can bring? Not only does it improve our mood (hello, happiness!) but can also improve brain function and our mental & physical health!

I know, I know, I hear what you are thinking… “but I’m not creative at ALL.” (i.e., “I can’t draw…” “I am NOT artsy…” or the ever popular “I have no time for creativity.”)

When I say adding creativity to your life, I think of it as a much larger concept than dabbling with watercolors, or drawing a realistic rendering. Although I love watercoloring and admire those who draw with photo perfection, I believe these acts are just one very small subset of what makes someone creative. 

Creativity is a state of mind. It’s curiosity. It’s about being inquisitive, looking closer at a topic and/or taking a broader view. It’s about listening, to others, ourselves and the world around us. Yes, it’s physically making something (a recipe, art, an essay) but also there is creativity in the everyday – organizing your to do list, choosing a playlist, listening to music, stopping to smell a rose, selecting a show to watch, exercising, doing a little dance, having a conversation, storytelling, and on and on! 

One could even argue cleaning your bathroom is a creative activity. Which cleaning product will you use, how will you tackle the problem? Do you start with the tub or toilet? Will you use circular motion or scrub up and down? Are you aiming for a quick tidying up or a deep cleaning? All these choices can be made with creativity in mind- perhaps using a precursory circular motion with your sponge satisfies the cleanliness you desire and you discover a new way to clean your bathroom quickly by using your creativity. 

Being creative is a lifestyle choice that I believe everyone can lead, and I’m here to help guide you! 

Of course, I do want to inspire you to create art as one form of creativity (btw- I insist we let go of realism) yet I also plan to pose questions, make you think and make you use your senses (all 5 of them or 6 if you have that too.) I am eager for everyone to reap the many benefits adding creativity to your life can bring, so let’s do this!

Be sure to follow along here (or my other social media channels – @wanderlustdesigner) to get daily inspiration including a weekly Creative Wanderlust Prompt list to get the juices flowing. You do have 10-15 minutes in your day to add a little creativity to your life. Let me help you on your journey!   

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