CWC Open House – Decorate Ukrainian Style Eggs

April 2022 – Creative Wanderlust Community Open House Recap
To celebrate springtime, I hosted a wonderful, in person creative open house where we decorated eggs inspired by the rich tradition of Ukrainian/Eastern European egg designs. It was a sublime evening weather wise– almost a bit surreal that in mid-April we were having an 80 degree day, but we took advantage of this warm weather and set up outside to create.

With paint pens, glitter markers and more we had a great time decorating painted wooden eggs with a variety of motifs, from traditional egg designs to our own making. As always, it was a wonderful way to come together, catch up on life, as well as celebrate a tradition that before hand, I knew little about.

I look forward to hosting more Creative Wanderlust Community open houses – in person and online so stay tuned for details.

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