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Curiosity is contagious! Around every corner of the world, whether at home or abroad there is something new to learn, try, or explore. Come peak your curiosity and browse countless creative cultural ideas: books, films, recipes, foods, music, travel stories, trip itineraries, language, spirituality and so much more!

Wanderlust Bookclub & Filmclub

I’m always on the look out for a book with a rich tale about another culture, country or experience. It can be historical fiction, science fiction, an autobiography, or a travel article I read in a magazine. It may be a box office smash hit, or an indy short film. There is nothing like getting wrapped up in a story, losing your sense of disbelief and engaging with characters and events that take place around the world. Check out some of the posts I’ve written about books and films that to take you places without ever leaving your chair!

Wanderlust Foods & Recipes

One of the main reasons to travel is FOOD, right? I can recall so many details of an experience just through the foods, smells, and tastes I enjoyed. There is no wonder it is one of the most written about topics in travel stories. Below is a collection of posts that celebrate foods – international recipes, food experiences, wanderlust cooking club, street food, new foods, everyday foods and more from around the world.

Wanderlust History

I am a huge history buff. I never really thought I was until I dove in and wrote my 4 Wanderlust Guide books and realized, they were part history book, part creative guide! When traveling or exploring my world (whether at home or abroad), one of the first things that always cross my mind is the history of a location. Who were the first to inhabit the area? Who built the home? What in the geography made this location a place where people settled? What historic events shaped the way the city or location runs and operates today? History informs us not only of the past, but also of the way thing are in the moment, whether good or bad. It is definitely my favorite creative lens to use when exploring. Below are many articles written with history in mind.

Wanderlust Architecture & Interiors

I love how architecture and interior design can define a location. The iconic buildings of Amsterdam, the tudor styling in England, the lodge look of Lake Tahoe; with only a few words images swirl in my mind of the aesthetics of a location. Below are illustrations and stories with wanderlust architecture and interiors in mind.

Wanderlust Shopping

A flea market, a farmers market, a stroll down the Champs-Eylsées; exploring stores, markets and busy shopping streets is one of the best things to do while traveling. For me personally, it’s not about buying things, it’s about experiencing the scene, discovering the styles, and of course sketching the experience. Below are some stories of shopping around the world!

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