Travel Journal – Charles Bridge, Prague

The Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic is one of the top sites to visit. This historic bridge spans the Vltava river and connects Old Town Prague with Prague Castle. In the summer it is bustling with tourists exploring the city and soaking up the views. It’s the perfect spot to stop and capture in your travel journal. I used a simple layout for each image to help convey the beauty of the landmark. Here are a few of my journal pages.

Charles Bridge and Prague Castle by Wanderlust Designer

We came to this spot twice to soak up the view of the bridge an Prague Castle, once during the day and once at night to see the castle lit up. I loved thinking of the centuries of people who have taken in this view. I’m sure it’s changed over the years… but also still remains the same.

A man playing some tunes on the Charles Bridge by Wanderlust Designer

On the hot summer day we were there, the bridge was filled with buskers and artists, entertaining the tourists… a great spot to people watch and watch the day go by.

One of the 30 Statues Adorning the Charles Bridge by Wanderlust Designer

The bridge is lined with 30 baroque statues of saints and patron saints. By the 1960’s, all the originals had been replaced by replicas (the originals are in National Museum), regardless, the statues are still quite impressive.

Walking on the Charles Bridge Towards Old Town Prague by Wanderlust Designer

I loved the walk back from the castle towards Old Town Prague. Prague is filled with decorative roof tops and spires that make for a beautiful panorama!

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