Portland, Oregon – Beautiful, Historic & Creative

Portland, Oregon – Mood Board/Collage by Betsy Beier

For anyone who has been watching the news this past year or two, Portland, Oregon has had a rough go, image wise… but I’m here to dispel any myths or thoughts you may have. This beautiful Pacific Northwest city is amazing for countless reasons but my number one reason is for the sheer CREATIVE ENERGY and fodder it can provide.

Beautiful Portland, Oregon – photos by Betsy Beier

“Portland is a town of rugged individualists sprinkled with weirdness. It commends uniqueness and praise all types of entrepreneurs and creators, yet also has a strong commitment to community. The city embraces its industrial past, while also promoting progressive environmental ideas and sustainable practices. Portland exudes a strong sense of place that can be seen from its renowned food scene to its passionate maker culture.

Historic Portland, Oregon – photos by Betsy Beier

If there is ever a town that is made to be explored creatively, Portland is the place!”
-excerpt from Wanderlust Portland: A Creative Guide to the City

Creative Portland, Oregon – photos by Betsy Beier

Have you been to Portland? What was your favorite part?

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