Creative Journal Prompt: 4th of July Collection

Creative Journal Prompt: A Collection of Fourth of July Memories by Betsy Beier

For many Americans, the 4th of July holiday usually entails some type of gathering with family and friends, some type of food and of course, fireworks. I am definitely no different than most Americans!

For decades, I have enjoyed the fourth up in my favorite spot, Lake Tahoe, with my whole family. We always spend the day out in the sun, swimming in the lake (and much warmer pool,) and playing games in and out of the water. As the sun begins to set, the BBQ is lit and our long, loud family dinner (always with corn on the cob) begins. We get so engrossed in conversation, that many times we forget about the fireworks until we hear that first boom. We rush out to the deck and are lucky to enjoy front row seats as the incredible show glitters in the sky and reflects on the lake.

I love creating collections in my sketch books/journal, collections of objects, landmarks, people, etc. Whatever the collection may be, I am fascinated when I look at it how quickly it drums up stories from my past, or memories of a place I’ve been. Creating a grid and filling out each square with your collection is a great way to present this information in a playful way. Below is a how to video of to create your very own 4th of July collection in your creative journal prompt inspired by your memories!

Follow along at your own pace and pause as needed to catch up. Be sure to change out your collection to represent your own 4th of July memories! What do you always eat on the fourth? Do you do a certain activity? What do you typically wear? Your finished journal page will be a great way to celebrate the day!

Be sure to share your collection with me! I’d love to see how you spend your holiday.

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