At Home Creative Adventure: 4 Objects, 1 Color

We can become easily immune to the colorful objects and items that fill our homes. Brighten your day with this creative color exercise and celebrate those items you may not see anymore!

Everyday Creative Adventure at Home: 4 Objects, 1 Color by Betsy Beier

For this project, I picked my favorite turquoise blue shade and found: a small globe, a mini-house souvenir from Denmark, a candle and a santon figurine from Provence. They are an odd pairing of objects, yet still make for an interesting illustration. Below is the still life on my desk.

Photo of the 4 Objects in 1 Color on my Desk
Time Lapse Drawing: 4 Objects, 1 Color by Betsy Beier

Be sure to read the “More Creative Prompts” on the printable exercise to learn of ways to vary this exercise. And, as always, I’d love to see what you create! Feel free to tag me on @wanderlustdesigner on Instagram or Facebook or email me: with your creations!

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