Where in the World: No.3

Where in the World No.3 by Wanderlust Designer
Where in the World No.3 by Wanderlust Designer

Stretching nearly 80 miles long and cutting a great isle in two,

we are still searching for the reason I was built some 2000 years ago, and need more clues.

Did I keep barbarians out, or did I just show my vast Empire’s great clout?

The answer is up to you.

Where in the world is this?

Note: Once someone has guessed the correct answer (here in a comment, or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram), I’ll post the answer in the comments below and add the correct location on the map. Good Luck!

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  • bbeier

    Cindy D. on Facebook and her kids have guessed the correct answer! Yes, this stone wall does cut across England and was build by some “roman guy!” His name was Hadrian, hence the wall’s name is Hadrian’s Wall. Hadrian was the ruling emperor of the Roman Empire. The wall was begun in AD 122, and mostly completed within 6 years.

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