Creative Wanderlust Adventure: Sign Poetry

Beware of a one way road.
Keep pushing your belief,
To yield an amazing

On my walk the other day I started taking pictures of signs I saw. Anything from things written on the road, to signs in peoples’ yards. My goal… to write some sign poetry! The walk soon became an adventure. I was definitely on a word hunt. What words would hold a lot of meaning? What words could be used in different contexts to relay different things? What words could be truncated? In the end, I had roughly 20 photos and I was ready to don my poetry cap and start writing. Here are two sign poems I created, my worldwide odyssey poem above and the on the brink poem below.

What poetry can you write with the signs you pass in your neighborhood? Snap some photos the next time you are out and about, and craft your own poem. Be sure to post it (and tag me @wanderlustdesigner) or send me an email! I want to hear your prose!

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