Creative Wanderlust Adventure: Finding Stories Everywhere

Los Angeles is the city of stories. At any given moment, one has to wonder how many writers are working away crafting the next television show or movie plot. On a recent trip to LA, I too was inspired by stories. When I put my mind to it, I could start seeing them everywhere. A person would be walking in front of me down Fairfax… what was their story? I would pass a building on Sunset… what happened there? I would over hear a snippet of a conversation in Beverly Hills… what was on their minds?

I soon latched on to my perfect character, in the perfect setting, with a perfect story – Camellia, the florist. As soon as I defined her, I couldn’t help but see her story unfold as I made my way through the city. A quiet newcomer to LA, Camellia relates to flowers better than people as she settles into her new life far away from Kentucky. Living in a small apartment at Park La Brea and working in a pretty pink floral shop on Sunset, she encounters a strong, individualistic customer who changes her world.

My movie story was born, “Camellia Blossoms,” I drew small sketches, dreamt up a color palette and created a mood board collage of the aesthetic I was envisioning. I could smell the blossoms and feel the tailored, crisply ironed garments. I heard Camellia’s shy dialog contrast with her mentor’s commanding yet kind presence.

Wander Your Town & Create Your Own Stories

Now it’s your turn! Head out the door journal in hand with the intention of observation. Look for people. Discover a house you’ve never seen before. Eavesdrop on conversations. Write it all down. Snap some pictures. Doodle some drawings. One home, start creating! Write, sketch, collage, use whatever medium you’d like and bring your story to life!

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