At Home Creative Adventures: Shoe Stories

If only our shoes could talk, what would they say? They’ve been places with you and have stories to tell. This fun creative prompts looks at your life adventures through your shoes! Inspired by Andy Warhol’s shoe illustration series, head to your closet and pull out those random pair of shoes and tell their story!

Everyday Creative Adventures at Home: Shoe Stories by Betsy Beier

Here’s a process video of drawing my shoes. I used a fine point Micron pen (.005) for very light, loose lines.

Time Lapse Shoe Drawings by Betsy Beier

Definitely Google Andy Warhol’s shoe illustration series. They are very inspiring to say the least. Below is a screen shot from Google of just a few of his illustrations.

Screenshot of Some Andy Warhol Shoe Illustrations from Google

Be sure to read the “More Creative Prompts” on the printable exercise to learn of ways to vary this exercise. And, as always, I’d love to see what you create! Feel free to tag me on @wanderlustdesigner on Instagram or Facebook or email me: with your creations!

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