Where in the World: No.8

Where in the World No. 8 by Wanderlust Designer
Where in the World No. 8 by Wanderlust Designer

One of the most recognizable landmarks in the Southern hemisphere,

this sandstone formation puts on a spectacular color show from dawn to dusk.

Honored with two names, the formation is surrounded by springs, waterholes, caves and paintings.

Although it is is a trek to get to, locals and tourists would say it’s a must.

What is the name or names of this formation?

Note: Once someone has guessed the correct answer (here in a comment, or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram), I’ll post the answer in the comments below and add the correct location on the map. Good Luck!



    • bbeier

      Yes, yes, this is Uluru/Ayers Rock in Australia. Apparently, it used to be just Ayers Rock. Then it became Ayers Rock/Uluru, and now officially the dual name has been switched to Uluru/Ayers Rock giving prominence to the traditional Aboriginal name!

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