What Do Your Passport Stamps Mean to You – Creative Wanderlust Photography Prompt

Photography Collage of Passport Stamps

What does your passport mean to you? Does it represent checkmarks on your bucket list or something else? I’d love to hear.

I just sent off my passport to get renewed and must admit, always get a little nervous when it is mailed off. My passport represents much more than a form of identification. It fuels my curiosity and soul – the people I meet, the cultures I learn about, the nature I see, the stories I hear. It also represents my heritage, my home country and my own cultural identity. I could go on and on how this one document is so meaningful to me, but it boils down to one thing, it is a privilege to have one, and I will never take this for granted. So, as I sit here without one for these next few weeks, I will remember what I’ve said here and wait patiently for its return!

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