Type+Place: County Fair Rides

County Fair Typography by Wanderlust Designer
County Fair Typography by Wanderlust Designer

There’s nothing like a county fair! The rides, the food, the ribbons, the animals, the people watching… In the past, I would imagine it was highly anticipated yearly gathering to head to the fair. Although times have changed quite a bit, I do still love going to county fair. There are aspects that can be a little run down and a tad bit seedy… but if you look past the dust, grime, very unhealthy food– it definitely has it merits.

These photos are of the rides at the California Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles. Just some great, bright colorful type– lightbulbs and all. When these light up at night, it’s total magic to a kid’s eyes. I’ve seen it in my own kids!

We had a great afternoon and evening at this fair. Being in central California added a bit of a Western cowboy influence that I typically don’t see in the county fairs in the San Francisco Bay Area. It gave it that down-home feeling I sometimes miss these days.

Do you go to county fairs? Which one is your favorite?

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