Textures+Place: The Sands of Hawaii and a Free Download

Sands of Hawaii: Textures by Wanderlust Designer
Sands of Hawaii: Textures by Wanderlust Designer

There’s nothing like Hawaii. Being from California, I’ve been lucky to have been to many different Hawaiian islands. They all offer amazing tropical beaches, warm waters, and palm trees swaying– but each have their own uniqueness which means a trip to Oahu, say, is very different than a trip to Kauai or the Big Island. This texture sampling of sand from the Big Island, Oahu, and Maui is a great example of how each island can vary.

I love taking pictures of sand. It seems so mundane at first, but when you see it in pictures afterwards, and start to compare sand in different locations– you can really see how different sand can be. Sand can also be such a memorable part of a trip– the sugar fine sand of the Caribbean, the rough shell sand of Nantucket– although there’s no doubt that fine sugar sand is great to lay in, having a rough shell beach is like a treasure trove to the shell hunter!

Where have you been that the sand is most memorable?

Free Sand Texture Download

As a designer, I use many textures in my artwork. I just love textures! Sand is a great texture to play around with. You can use it literally in work to represent sand… but if used as a layer with varied transparency or luminosity, it can create a great effect.

Here is a free sand texture download straight from the beaches of Maui to you. Enjoy!

Select to Download
Select to Download: Sand Texture

Instructions for Downloading and Using Your Texture

1. Select link above and download the compressed zip file to your local computer.
(Once clicked, the folder will automatically being downloading in your Download folder or designated folder on your computer where files are downloaded. DO NOT CLICK MORE THAN ONCE, or you will download several copies.)
2. The files is a compressed zip file. Once downloaded, it should uncompress as separate files.
3. The texture image file is 300dpi, 12″x12″ in size.
4. Enjoy using for your next craft project or design!

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