Travel Journal: An Afternoon in Woodside, CA

Travel Journal Spread from An Afternoon Adventure: Woodside, CA by Betsy Beier

One afternoon I was in desperate need for an outing and headed to the quaint town of Woodside, CA. Just 10 minutes from my house, Woodside feels like a whole other place. Hilly, wooded and rural, yet minutes from Silicon Valley, it’s no wonder it’s a haven for high tech magnets. Yet, even with the mansions, there’s a down-home feel to the town. The windy roads are dotted with horse back riders, bikers and hikers enjoying their area.

Travel Journal Page: Horses in Woodside, CA by Betsy Beier
Travel Journal Page: Pioneer Hotel, Woodside CA by Betsy Beier

The first site that greets you as you drive into Woodside is the historic Pioneer Hotel (c. 1885), a classic saloon from the straight out of a Western movie.

Travel Journal Spread: Lunch at Buck’s Restaurant by Betsy Beier

We headed to lunch at the famed Buck’s Restaurant, delicious comfort food and the place where Silicon Valley deals come true!

Travel Journal Page: Woodside Store, Woodside, CA by Betsy Beier

After lunch we drove up the road to the Woodside Store. Built in 1854, Dr. Tripp ran this store and acted as dentist, librarian, postmaster and community leader.

Travel Journal Page: Winding Roads of Woodside, CA by Betsy Beier

We continued up the winding road and stopped at Folger Stable Historic site to walk around. This gorgeous estate and stables was the country home of the Folger Family (of Folger’s Coffee). (See first journal page spread at top.) They were able to retreat here in the warm summer months, when San Francisco was shrouded in fog. There are guided tours of the estate and plenty of trails to explore the great outdoors. This outing was the perfect afternoon getaway from the bustle of the Bay Area, and a chance to spend some time enjoying nature while sketching.

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