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Fresh Farmers Markets of the Midwest by Wanderlust Designer
Fresh Farmers Markets of the Midwest by Wanderlust Designer

I remember stumbling upon the Dane County Farmers Market in Madison, Wisconsin in October. The variety of apples that were for sale astounded me. This is where I tried my first Honeycrisp apple and fell in love (luckily, this variety is a staple at most stores even out on the West coast now.) Below are some highlights of delicious Farmer Markets in the midwest – most of which are even open (at indoor locations) during the harsher winter months.

Boulder County Farmers Market – Boulder, Colorado

With one of the longest market seasons in the state, Boulder County Farmers Market has been a thriving community event for almost 30 years. This environmentally aware and health conscious community enjoys locally grown fruits, vegetables, plants, flowers, prepared foods, cheeses, crafts and much more from farmers, ranchers and artisans in the region.

Green City Market – Chicago, Illinois

For over 15 years, Green City Market has been connecting locals, chefs and restaurants of the greater Chicago area with high quality, sustainably grown foods from local farmers and producers. The market reflects the vibrancy of Chicago and the desire of the residents to be able to purchase local fruits, vegetables, baked goods, meats and much more.

Dane County Farmers Market – Madison, Wisconsin

Located on the grounds surrounding the State Capital of Wisconsin, the Dane County Farmers Market has been a staple providing locally grown farm fresh food to the community for over 40 years. From crisp apples to vine ripe berries, farm raised chickens to natural cheeses, this market provides Madison residents with only the freshest Wisconsin produce and products.

Saint Paul Farmers Market – Saint Paul, Minnesota

The thriving Saint Paul Farmers Market has had a long standing tradition of over 150 years in the St. Paul community. It has moved locations in the many years of operation, but has always remained in the downtown area. It provides the community with only the freshest, locally grown produce and products such as fruits, vegetables, bakery goods, cheeses, poultry, buffalo, venison, maple syrup, eggs, honey, organic plants, flowers, and much more.

Farmers Markets of the Midwest by Wanderlust Designer
Farmers Markets of the Midwest by Wanderlust Designer

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