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Seattle Public Market Typography by Wanderlust Designer
Seattle Public Market Typography by Wanderlust Designer

I have yet to be at the Seattle Public Market when there wasn’t hoards of crowds. Last weekend, it wasn’t any different– in fact, I must say it was actually worse. My guess is it had to be because of the weather. Unlike most grey, drizzly days in the Northwest, the sun was out and couldn’t have been shining any brighter. Spring was in the air and everyone was enjoying it!

Despite the crowds, there’s nothing like a visit to Pike Place Market when in Seattle. The fresh fish, flowers, veggies and more are a sight to see, but if you look beyond the vendors there is also fabulous typography. Lots of vintage neon and hand painted signs in bright, bold colors to match the sights and sounds of the market. We only had a short time there, before catching our flight, but it was well worth the trip.

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Pike Place Market Website

Seattle Public Market Typography Poster by Wanderlust Designer (image above is cropped version)

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