• Camping Adventure Collection and Illustrations by Wanderlust Designer

    Wanderlust Patterns: Camping Adventure

    Summertime is made for camping! I’m lucky enough to have grown up and lived in some amazing areas in the West coast that offer incredible camping experiences. From sleeping under the tall redwoods of Northern California, to camping by a lake in the Sierras, there are just too many camping opportunities to list! To share my love for camping in the outdoors, I created this camping collection – a playful, hand drawn group of patterns and illustrations filled with iconography of the camping world, from wood textures to topo maps. If you are interested in licensing the illustrations or patterns in this collection, please contact me for details.

  • Provencal Garden Inspiration by Wanderlust Designer

    Culture: Provencal Garden Inspiration

    The smell of sweet lavender, the sound of tiny pebbles crunching beneath your sandals, the taste of chilled Rosé wine… I have such fond memories of lounging away warm summer afternoons in the Provençal garden of my parent’s mas they rented in St. Remy de Provence. We had many outdoor meals at their stone table (covered in Provençal fabric), and enjoyed cooling down from the blistering summer sun in their cerulean blue pool. The garden was by no means overly manicured, in fact it oozed with that carefree charm Provence is so well known for: the random stone pot planted with lavender, an ochre urn bursting with sun ripe tomatoes, an old olive…