On Location: Sayulita, Mexico

On Location: Photos from Sayulita, Mexico by Wanderlust Designer
On Location: Photos from Sayulita, Mexico by Wanderlust Designer

Sayulita, Mexico — the perfect sleepy surfing town just North of Puerto Vallarta–  I was lucky to head over and explore this town on a recent trip to PV. I had a friend who had rented a house for the week there, and he encouraged me to visit. I was assured an authentic Mexican coastal town experience, and I was not let down!

We hired a driver for the day to take us the short 45 minute drive North, then wait the afternoon while we explored, and take us home in the evening. Although in recent years, I have seen more and more write ups about Sayulita, I was happily surprised at how “undiscovered” the town remains.

When we entered the town on the main road of Ave. Revolucion, our driver stopped in the middle of the road, and tried hard to explain he could not go any further. With a little back and forth (French doesn’t take me far in Mexico) we learn that the main bridge into town has been washed out in a recent storm. Not a problem… with a quick look at the map, we see that this town is extremely manageable on foot, and letting us off at the bridge would work best.

The rest of the afternoon was spent exploring the streets, doing a little shopping, wandering on the beach and having some tasty tacos at Sayulita Fish Taco, across from the main plaza. This day trip was a great respite from the crowds of our Puerto Vallarta resort– and a perfect way to relax away a Mexican day.


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