On Location: Exploring Stateline North Lake Tahoe

Neighborhood to Wander: Stateline North Lake Tahoe by Wanderlust Designer
Neighborhood to Wander: Stateline North Lake Tahoe by Wanderlust Designer

Stateline North Lake Tahoe is one of my favorites spots on Earth! I’ve been vacationing summers and winters here since I was a tiny baby. I even lived at Lake Tahoe for 2 years and worked as a designer just inches from where this map depicts.

Many come to visit Lake Tahoe and only visit South Shore (the more built up and commercial side of the Lake.) Although South Shore Lake Tahoe offers great attractions, the North Shore should not be missed. This side of the lake is filled with old Tahoe charm, incredible beaches, natural hot springs and even old fashioned casinos reminiscent of the 1950’s. Below is an itinerary for things to do at Stateline North Lake Tahoe.

Stateline North Lake Tahoe Map by Wanderlust Designer
Stateline North Lake Tahoe Illustrated Map Art Print by Wanderlust Designer on Etsy

Neighborhood to Wander: Stateline North Lake Tahoe

Brockway Hot Springs – This is the only spot on the lake where there is a natural hot springs actually bubbling away at the shore. With this natural wonder, it’s no wonder Brockway became one of the first settled areas of Lake Tahoe by American immigrants who came to California. At the end of the 1800’s and turn of the century it became the site of a classic resort with a giant lodge-style hotel and cottages for guests to stay. The pier outside the resort (which still exists today), was the place where steamers would dock to take visitors to other parts of the lake when roads in the area were relatively non-existent. Today, there is still a resort at this location, Brockway Springs Resort, with plenty of condos to rent. The natural hot springs to this day still feeds the resort’s pool and keeps it a balmy temperature throughout the year.

Speedboat Beach – One of the best kept secret beaches of North Shore is not quite a secret anymore, but Speedboat Beach is still definitely worth a visit! This small beach has “old Tahoe” written all over it. Clear blue waters, a mostly sandy bottom and huge Sierra granite boulders dot the shoreline and make it a wonderful place to swim and soak up the sun in the summer.

Cal/Neva Resort and Cottages – This famous resort, filled with Hollywood stories and Sinatra magic is undergoing a major renovation to bring it hopefully back to it’s original classic charm. When I was young, I just loved how this resort was split between 2 states, California and Nevada. The old stone fireplace in the “Indian Room” has a line down the center, showing the actual state line. Even the old pool had the state line running through the center. There is also lots of great Hollywood lore that swirls around Cal/Neva. From Sinatra and the mafia to JFK’s secret tunnels and Marilyn Monroe’s escapades, a visit to North Lake Tahoe would not be complete without at least taking a peak at this classic resort area.

Fire Lookout – Looking for a relatively easy hike with a great reward at the end? Fire Lookout trail/road on Stateline North Shore is just your bet. Take Resevoir Road (just beyond Tahoe Biltmore Casino) and then a right on Lakeview Avenue. Head up Lakeview Avenue until you find Lookout Road. Park your car, and head on up Lookout Road for an incredible view of the entire lake. The whole hike is a paved road (no cars), so it is easy for most hikers. The only challenge is it is a steep incline, so your heart will get pumping! Once at the top, there is a small circular path, with benches to take in the view.


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Illustrated Map Art Print : North Lake Tahoe by Wanderlust Designer on Etsy



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