Discovering What Truly Lights You Up

The last few months have been eye opening for me. Not necessarily because what transpired but more about the revelation I had. It wasn’t a new idea per se, but more of an epiphany that when faced with the contrast of an incredible energetic experience followed by a very low experience. With this back to back contrast, it became absolutely evident in my mind what truly lights me up – what gives me unending energy that I want to share with others, and what doesn’t!

In mid-April I returned from one of my favorite spots in the world, New York City. I spent a week doing the thing I love most – exploring my surrounding with curiosity. Each morning I got up, put on a purposeful outfit (enough with the exercise clothes, Betsy!), stuffed my little back pack with my sketchbook and a few art supplies, and headed out the door to wander amidst the skyscrapers of Midtown Manhattan soaking it all in. Moment upon moment was filled with another story- who lived here, who worked here, who built this, who designed this, where are they visiting from, where is she going, what is his job, why was this detail chosen, etc. 

I was surrounded by endless amounts of energy and fodder- things to sketch, moments to ponder, colors to see, snippets of conversation to hear, stories to write, ideas to pursue. The perpetually curious toddler in me wanted to know the why’s, understand the details, talk to others and uncover more.

Fast forward to the day after my return home when sadly, despite my adherence to wearing a mask, I finally caught COVID. To answer the question I asked everyone when I heard they had it— did I have symptoms. Yes. Plain as day, I knew something was up. The first 3 days I spent mostly in bed with a fever, some chills, and aches. After that it migrated into what felt like an everyday cold. Nothing horrible, I have had plenty worse, so the good news is my vaccine and booster did help. I am so fortunate. 

The hardest part by far was of COVID was the isolation. To protect my husband and son, I quarantined using 2 different rooms in my house. (And yes, I count my blessings I had so much space.) I masked when ever I left the area, and always noticed that strange hesitation by my husband when I’d come into a room. I get it. I do. No one wants to get sick and the last thing I wanted was to pass it along (so far, over 10 days later, neither have gotten it.) So, what was so hard you ask?

I think the sheer contrast was in my levels of inspirational energy. Of course, when sick, one does not have a lot of energy, but also, with no where to go and no one to talk to I couldn’t believe how quickly my soul deflated. It was one of the most bizarre feelings, yet so obvious. I’ve been sick before, so that wasn’t new. I’ve traveled before so that wasn’t new either. I think it was just experiencing these two weeks back to back- a week of unending exploration and creativity followed by a week of isolation. It became incredibly clear how much energy the former provides me – in fact fuels me. How I am drawn to lead a life with these experiences and how I want to share it with others— to fuel their curiosity, their creativity, and their wanderlust! 

After these few years of uncertainty with COVID I couldn’t be more resolved for where I want to go next, and having you with me makes all the difference. Behind the scenes I’ve been working hard to build a “place” where we can all hang out, get creative inspiration and explore our worlds together. Much more on that to come, but for now, here’s to our health and all our creative wanderlust adventures ahead!

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