Art School with Betsy Beier

Enough with boring, tedious tutorials and overwhelming follow along videos. My goal is provide you with mountains of art exercises & ideas to help you explore your world with creativity.

My approachable, engaging and explorative lessons teach common art techniques using a wide variety of mediums and methods.

From the basics like line, color, texture, form, composition, to the -isms, the masters, art history and more, I’m determined to help even the proclaimed NON-ARTISTS out there see how easy, relaxing and rewarding making art of all kinds can be!

Head to Art School

Here’s a list of just a few art school projects to get you started:

Design Lessons & Articles

Keeping a journal, whether it is of my day or an extensive trip is one of the most satisfying creative activities I do. Here’s a full list of journaling basics and creative journal templates. Below are a few ideas to get you started.