Leadership Retreat: Art Workshop – Map Your Life Journey

Mendocino, California

This workshop was held at a 3 day women’s leadership retreat among the towering trees and rugged coastline of Mendocino, California. We gathered outdoors and after some creative warm up activities, delve into our project and discussed the art of map making and how we could apply the concept to our own life journey- past, present and future.

Through more creative exercises we individually brainstormed how we could realize our own journey in a map form. With our vision in place, we spread out art materials and began to create our own worlds. It was amazing to watch all the participants dive head first into this project, and get deep into the flow of creating while uncovering the impact the positive and negative parts of their lives have had on their journey and how they want to take that information to dream of their future map.

The greatest pleasure besides working outdoors in the woods for this event, was to see all the different map creations – in all the different forms, from lettering, color, patterns, doodles and more. Each participant not only left with a visual representation of their life journey, but a keepsake to put in their office and guide them in the future.

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